Album: Pop Top

LSM001_26 StreetWalker.mp3

Fun, alternative rocker filled with catchy guitar riffs would be ideal for extreme sports and action sequences. Rock. Punk. Sports. Driving. Riff rock. Drums.

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LSM001_23 Erroneous.mp3

Youthful, up-tempo, punk-inspired cut for kids and teen programs with a bit of an attitude. Pop. New wave. Alternative. Glam. Positive. Happy, cheerleader. Drums. Guitar. Synthesizer.

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LSM001_24 Erroneous.mp3

Bratty punk feel in this upbeat, energetic rocker that is filled with unique sonic tidbits. Pop. New wave. Alternative. Glam. Positive. Happy. Cheerleader. Drum machine. Bass. Guitar. Drums.

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