Genre: Fanfares/Ceremonial

SFL1103_67 TheBridalMarch.mp3

Piano, flute, and violin arrangement of this traditional song. A gentle performance, the style of this version would lend itself well to a modern wedding with lots of white, outside under a midday sun.

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SFL1103_64 AuldLangSyne.mp3

Laid-back combo style arrangement consisting of a female vocalist, piano, drum kit with brushes, and upright bass. This piece feels like the lights are turned down low and everyone is nice and cozy.

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SFL1103_61 AmazingGrace.mp3

Traditional sounding arrangement with a low drone and bagpipes that moves to a modern orchestral arrangement at :38. The modern sound consists of orchestral strings, intermittent suspended cymbal rolls and wind chimes, and solo trumpet.

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