Casting 101


Joe Lorenzo started his career in NYC, where he worked in a Management Development firm. Joe cultivated some of today’s hottest young actors, and writers. In September 2002, Joe moved to Los Angeles, for a position in a Talent Management Company.

In November 2003, Joe started his own Management Company, called JMA- Joseph Michael & Associates. JMA/ Joe Lorenzo represent Above the Line, and Below the Line talent.

In 2006 Joe Lorenzo changed the name of his company to Society Entertainment and continued efforts in the fields of packaging and producing. With Joe’s background as a Casting Director (cast over 30 films), Joe has the capabilities to get Name Talent, Name Directors, and Recognized Writers on to projects he is producing.


What you’ll learn

  • You will learn everything about the Casting process
  • You will learn how to break into the business in the Casting profession
  • You will learn casting terms used and how to slate correctly
  • You will learn how casting works in conjunction with producers and directors
  • Actors will learn what to do in an audition
  • Actors will learn the mindset of Casting directors in making choices


In the realm of casting, there are so many processes from casting industrials, television, and film to meeting with actors, reading scripts, and negotiating with producers. This class is for anyone planning to work within the casting profession and also gives tremendous perspective to anyone that wants to enter the entertainment industry. In addition to casting agents, it is recommended for actors, talent agents, managers, producers, and all others that work in conjunction with the casting process.

This is the first live class offered outside of the standard curriculum on the Lot and is a stand-alone course.  It is not included in the basic curriculum.

Who this course is for:

  • Actors
  • Aspiring Casting Directors
  • Those aspiring to work in production
  • Entertainment Industry Enthusiast

When is the course?

This course takes three weeks; 5 separate evenings to complete.  Each course is live and lasts 45 minutes.  It may run long in order to answer questions depending on the available time of the presenter.

  1. May 7th – Tuesday
    Presenter intro
    Introduction to auditioning on camera
    What to wear
    How to prepare
    Questions to ask
  2. May 9th – Thursday
    How to build a character for the audition
    How to be direct-able
  3. May 14th – Tuesday
    Cold reading during an audition
    Casting changes during an audition
  4. May 16th – Thursday
    What to do with a call back
    How to navigate
    What to do with feedback
  5. May 21st – Tuesday
    How to prepare for the role on set.

Come and join us and be mentored by professionals in the first live class offered on the lot!