Seminar & Contest Schedule

Upon completion of the Skills USA Digital Cinema competition it became apparent that when students to go through the same steps of the filmmaking process as professionals, the level of quality was improved.  When this is supported by curriculum, assignments, and assessment, the level of quality increased dramatically.  The competition also made clear where students could improve.   

We are raising the bar by hosting seminars with professionals and running a series of focus driven competitions. This will raise the bar of competition at the state and national competitions, getting our students closer to the industry standard.

Seminars Schedule

August 4th – 4PM PST, 7PM EST

September1st – 4PM PST, 7PM EST

September 29th – 4PM PST, 7PM EST

October 27th – 4PM PST, 7PM EST

December 1st – 4PM PST, 7PM EST


  • Rehearsals
  • Blocking
  • Casting

January 5th – 4PM PST, 7PM EST

Production Design

  • Design & Art Direction
  • Set Decoration
  • Props

February 2nd – 4PM PST, 7PM EST


  • Motivated cutting
  • Pacing
  • J and L cuts

Contest Schedule

September 17-21

Cinematography Part I

1st Place: 46 Years
2nd Place: Trash Day
3rd Place: Gregg

It’s time to get serious about making your films look amazing.  This contest focuses on lighting and composition.

October 15-24

Cinematography Part II

Cinematography is such a large and technical craft that we are holding two contests for it.  This second contest analyzes how well the student knows their exposure, depth of field and use of color.

November 12-21

Sound Design

Nearly 80% of the sound on a film is made up of a recording studio long after principal photography is completed.  This contest drills down on the student’s use of foley, sound effects, and sound design.

December 17-21


During this contest students will be expected to host rehearsals, casting calls and demonstrate story driven blocking in their films. 

January 21-25

Production Design

Students will be expected to design, dress and light a set with actors who have gone through Makeup and Wardrobe.

February 18-22


A good editor can save a film from ruin.  Students must demonstrate J or L cuts and a major focus will be placed on pacing and motivated cutting. 2